Using Social Media to Your Advantage ;)

What is your main use for social media?

Is it simply to be caught up with friends without really having to talk to them? Or perhaps to stay connected to family that doesn’t live near you? Maybe it is to keep up with your favorite celebrity… Whatever the case may be there is another way you can use social media to your advantage – and thats in job market. Think about it, almost every company incorporates some sort of social media in order to market themselves. Aside from marketing often times companies have other uses for these pages that include posting job opportunities and qualifications required to fill those positions. If you decide you would like to apply for a certain position, these same pages will allow you to learn more about the company so that in your interview you will be able to WOW your potential future employer by simply knowing about the foundation and values of the company.

You can also use social media to become established and respected among people in your field! Nothing sets a better impression than being professional and dedicated to your field.

Olenski, Steve. “How Social Media Can Help You Find a Promising Job Opportunity.” socialmedia today. N.p., 10 Dec 2013. Web. 10 Dec 2013. <;.

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